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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your company have public liability insurance?

Yes, Rhino Surface Solutions Ltd have public liability insurance of £5,000,000

Are your staff DBS checked (Criminal record check)?

Yes, as a condition of membership of the Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence’ scheme, all of our staff and company Directors have current and valid DBS certificates.

Do you sub contract any of the works?

No, all works are carried out by my team of permanent staff.

Can resin surfaces be installed in any weather?

No, resin surfaces are vulnerable to certain weather conditions whilst they are being laid. Temperatures need to be a minimum of 5 degrees C and rising for the duration of the installation and at least 2 hours after completion. It must also be a dry day. Dew point and humidity requirements must also be met to ensure the climate is appropriate for laying of the finished surface.

What is the difference between UV stable and ’gold’ non-UV stable resins?

Gold (non UV stable) resins are popular with some installers due to their cheaper cost and used typically with buff coloured resin driveways. The use of these resins will cause the surface to darken and develop a ‘orangey’ shade where exposed to sunlight, this will be an inconsistent shade difference. Rhino ONLY use UV stable resins that are not affected by such ‘shading’.

Do Rhino bound surfaces comply with the requirements of the S.U.D.S. regulations?

Yes. All Rhino bound surfaces are permeable and are designed to allow up to 25 litres of surface water per metre per second to drain through into the water table. However, permeable doesn’t mean ‘dry’. In certain seasons where moisture levels in the air are high, all external surface will feel wet to the touch irrespective of whether they are permeable or not.

Do all companies use the same resin and stone mix?

No, At Rhino, we are one of very few companies that use an 8% resin to stone ratio. Most contractors will use between 4% and 6.5% resin to stone ratio. This ensures our surface is up to twice the strength of most of our competitors

Do you have local references we could contact and/or Rhino surfaces we could look at?

Yes, we complete over 150 installations per year in the local area so there are plenty of our surfaces to look at. Our references are verified, managed and published by Northamptonshire Trading Standards on their ‘Buy with Confidence’ website.  Giving you peace of mind that all references are legitimate.

After the quotation is agreed, are Rhino prepared to carry out any additional works or ‘extras’ other than those quoted for?

We will always be happy to take on additional works/extras or make changes to the agreed quotation at our client’s request. We will confirm any additional costs to you in writing and invoice you separately for any such works.

What access to services will Rhino require during the job?

All we need is access to an external water source such as an outside tap and an electrical power outlet.

How long after the installation will we be able to use the surface?

In most cases, the newly installed surface can take foot traffic within 3 – 5 hours and vehicle traffic after 24 hours.

Does weed resistant mean weed free?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a weed free surface. Wind-blown seeds can be deposited on any surface. However, due to their construction, Rhino surfaces are extremely resistant to weeds and are very effective at restricting weed growth. The maintenance guide provided with your guarantee on completion of your installation contains recommendations for dealing with the occasional weed and keeping your surface looking great.

Can I power wash the Rhino surface?

Yes, in fact we recommend that the surface we power washed once a year to maintain its great looks. Please ensure that the manufacturer’s instructions are closely followed when power washing any surface

Are resin bound surfaces perfectly flat?

No. As with all hand trowelled or hand laid surfaces, surface undualtions will be present and may be visible under certain lighting conditions (low sun, car lights etc). The same effect can be seen by shining a light across a plastered wall – what is considered flat, will show surface undulations. Rhino work to exceed industry standards on surface installations of +/- 3mm over a 300mm length. Please note: when low sun or in certain lighting conditions, a surface undulation or deviation of just 0.5mm in any material (brick, block, resin, plaster, render, tarmac, concrete etc) can cast a shadow over the surface and exaggerate even the most minor surface undulation.