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Rhino Rock Floor Internal Surfaces

A Rhino Rock Floor is individually created for you from a unique blend of your chosen coloured quartz granules, bound together with a high strength UV stable resin which is then hand trowelled onto your existing internal surface. The quartz granules become permanently embedded within the resin to create a seamless, wall to wall, low maintenance stone carpet.

Rhino rock floor is installed in much the same way as our external resin bound surfaces, however, once cured; the surface is grouted with a clear ‘pore filler’ coat, and then sealed. This makes the surface suitable for ‘wet areas’ such as bathrooms and kitchens and also makes it easy to clean.



Choose from a huge range of colours to suit your specific demands


Whether its Natural Buff, Deep Blue Sea, Metallic Plum, Roman Bronze, Egyptian gold or one of the many diverse colours in our range, We have a colour to suit every taste.



 ABOVE: A selection from our range of over 100 imported quartz colours




Rhino Rock Floor is perfect for any commercial environment too…


Whether it is the boardroom or the showroom, the boutique or the restaurant, a Rhino Rock Floor is your unique statement of quality and individuality. We can even incorporate your design or logo into the flooring system whilst it is being laid to make your floor unique and personal to your business.