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Consumers all over the country are falling in love with resin bound. A specialist surfacing product that boasts a wide variety of benefits and outperforms all other surfacing options available!

Not only for customers whose property it adorns, but also the surrounding environment – Rhino resin-bound surfaces bring so many benefits, that it’s easy to see why it’s in such demand.

The construction industry isn’t known for its sustainability – but Rhino surfaces are a different kind of animal – we make better choices that help rather than hinder the environment – from the products we use to the construction of our surfaces.

The threat of urban flooding can be eased by the use of permeable surfaces such as Rhino resin bound, but this is only made possible when the surface is installed onto a fully permeable base, such as Rhino’s ‘Eco Base’; constructed using recycled rubber. In fact, the average size Rhino installation (42 sqm) uses the shredded rubber from over 200 recycled used vehicle tyres!

Rhino resin-bound surfaces are fully permeable – this means water passes through the surface (25 litres of water per meter, per second) and drains away, reducing the risk of urban flooding and sending it back into the water table.

Rhino resin-bound surfaces are constructed using specially selected, washed, dried and graded natural aggregates – blended to create non-fade colour palettes as individual as the properties they adorn. The selected aggregates are mixed with a premium, high strength UV-stable resin and hardener system, which is then hand-trowelled onto our permeable recycled rubber base to create a smooth surface. Unlike many surfacing contractors, Rhino ONLY use a UV-STABLE resin system – this means the surface won’t lose its natural colour or produce inconsistencies in appearance where vehicles are regularly parked or pots/planters are placed.

The resin used in a Rhino surface originates from the Ricinus Communis plant (Castor Plant) – which has an estimated carbon dioxide absorption of 34.6 tonnes per hectare and is therefore classified as a sustainable, renewable, ‘green’ bio source.

The benefits of a Rhino resin bound surface don’t just stop at our eco credentials, a Rhino surface is also weed resistant, low maintenance, requires no planning permission, wheelchair friendly (no loose stone), and comes in an extensive choice of natural colours to suit every property and taste.

A surfacing option that gives so much, it’s easy to see why a Rhino resin bound surface is in such demand!

Ready to bring all the perks of resin bound to your area? With business opportunities available across the country – now is the time to launch your future with a Rhino Surfaces franchise!

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