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As promised last Friday, the time has come to introduce you to the other half of the dynamic duo that is Mr and Mrs Rhino – aka Dave Shoesmith.

After a successful career at Coca-cola (which he’s never mentioned in the office!) Dave decided it was time for a change of career and in 2008 took the leap to start his own business and Rhino was born! (you can read the full history of Rhino here: https://rhinosurfaces.co.uk/the-history-of-rhino/)

Several years of hard work and determination made Rhino a huge success, this meant the team would need to expand to move with the rapidly growing business, fast forward to 2019, it was decided the time had come to take on a new member of staff in the form of Mrs Rhino aka Lin.

Here’s what Dave thinks about working with his wife Lin…

Q: Were you nervous to work with your other half?

Dave: Many friends said ‘oo, never work with the Wife’ when Lin and I were considering working together, but, in all honesty, I never felt nervous about the prospect of working with Lin. She has a skillset that I knew would benefit the business.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about working with Lin?

Dave: Lin challenges standard practices and is great at coming up with solutions, alternatives. She is bubbly and friendly and customers would much rather talk to Lin than me 🙂. Plus, Lin is pretty good company so is a fun addition to the office.

Q: Is there anything that has surprised you about working with Lin?

Dave: Our products and services are pretty technical so I wasn’t sure how quickly Lin would get to grips with it as it is entirely different from her previous profession (Police). As it happens, Lin absorbed all of the technical stuff really quickly.

Q: What has been the most challenging thing about working with Lin?

Dave: On occasion, we will disagree with a particular direction. Not often, but I do have to work hard to convince her (or not) of a particular direction. However, that level of challenging does help me ensure that the decisions I need to make are thought through thoroughly and, if necessary, changed.

Q: What do you admire the most about Lin’s work ethic?

Dave: Lin took responsibility for particular areas of the business that really needed overhauling. She is highly task driven and was able to develop these areas until they operated at the required levels. I’m not sure I would have that level of patience.

Q: How do you support each other in a working environment?

Dave: It’s all about respect. We know each others strengths and trust each other to use those strengths to the benefit of the business.

Q: How do you keep a good balance between work/home life?

Dave: Apart from on the odd exception, we keep work and family life pretty separate. That way, it doesn’t feel like work 24/7.

Q: Do you feel like working together has improved your relationship, and if so, how?

Dave: I wouldn’t say its made any difference to our relationship. It does help take some pressure off either needs to take time off at short notice.

Q: What advice would you give other couples thinking about running a business/working together?

Dave: Don’t compete, it’s not about who’s better. Respect each others different skillsets and use those skills accordingly within the business. Most of all, enjoy the experience.

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