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Wwe wanted to introduce you to one half of the dynamic duo that is Mr and Mrs Rhino – aka Lin Shoesmith.

Lin met Dave back in 2011 (3 years after Rhino Surfaces was born) and they were married in 2016. Lin had an exciting career with the police, but after 19 years in the profession, decided it was time to join the family business and in 2019 took the leap to join Dave at Rhino.

We asked Lin what it’s like to work with your other half – it might be a nerve-racking concept for some, but her answers will put any other couples thinking of going into business together at ease…

Q: Were you nervous to work with your other half?

Lin: Not nervous but slightly apprehensive as I had a very different career in the police prior to working with Dave, so it was more that would I miss my old colleagues, the job and the routine I had known for so many years.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about working with Dave?

Lin: We do laugh a lot and have lots of banter, I think our office team think we’re very silly at times! I really enjoy how we connect with our customers as a husband & wife duo, the customers always seem to admire this when they come into the showroom and it is a great conversation starter.

Q: Is there anything that has surprised you about working with Dave?

Lin: I didn’t realise how hard it was to run a business, there are so many different aspects to keeping the business thriving and successful, I totally understand why Dave used to write up his quotes in the evening prior to me joining him. He has so much to manage on a daily basis but in the last 2 years with me and employing new staff then this has allowed him to concentrate on the franchising project and ongoing business strategies.

Q: What has been the most challenging thing about working with Dave?

Lin: He never washes up and rarely makes a cuppa and leaves breadcrumbs in the works tub of butter haha

On a professional level, there haven’t really been any challenges, we might have different views occasionally but I think playing devil’s advocate on certain topics will ensure the right decision is made.

Q: What do you admire the most about Dave’s work ethic?

Lin: When I met Dave 12 years ago he had a labourer and had a clapped-out barn on a farm as his yard/storage. Over the years I just watched his business develop and grow with just sheer hard work and determination, working at night to complete admin/quotes, completing jobs and answering customer/trade phone calls it was relentless at times but he always had a vision of what Rhino would look like and that’s where we are today. I admire this in him so much.

Q: How do you support each other in a working environment?

Lin: We work so well as a team, we both have different skills to bring to the table and when I joined Dave he was drowning in Admin and procedural stuff so it was good to take all that side on, to allow him to concentrate on the business development and future.

Q: How do you keep a good balance between work/home life?

Lin: If possible we try not to discuss work at home unless it’s about development or new ideas or we haven’t seen each other in the day.

Q: Do you feel like working together has improved your relationship, and if so, how?

Lin: I don’t feel it has improved our relationship, we are still as happy as ever! but it has made me appreciate how hard Dave worked to get the business to where it is today.

Q: What advice would you give other couples thinking about running a business/working together?

Lin: Listen and respect each other’s views/ opinions, the main thing always is to support each other and enjoy the ride!

Dave’s answers coming soon..